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My Profile

My name is Reina Ruus, married with two children. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia but a city called Sydney I call it my real home. I love travelling with my husband and son as often as possible. . I like to be in a cold climate country coz where I live, it is very hot. I used to chat on the IRC for hours in Undernet, Efnet or Dalnet under the nick of 'gabie'... I am running out of space so I have to go...

My Favourite Links

Sydney, my second home
Travelling is mostly the best for my family!!!!
White House
Look at what Bush's been doing...
Try to avoid missing this out...
Northwest Airlines
To me..this is my favorite airline...

Me and My Beloved Husband

Me and My late Lovely Father

On My Wedding Day

Two People in Love

Photo Album

My Son

My daughter

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